Friday, August 29, 2014


Day 26

Breakfast - Hard boiled egg and fruit

Lunch - Soup and sandwich 

Dinner - Lemon shrimp over pasta (I'm really diggin' the veggie pasta) and salad

Snacks - Trail mix, banana and yogurt. 

Water goal - 55 ounces 

I've noticed that on days the weather is not as... cheerful, I'm less motivated. What I have found to work is to turn up some upbeat music, for a little while before working out. It really seems to be the little "Pick me up", that I need.


Day 25

Breakfast - fruit salad and whole grain toast 
Lunch - Turkey and avocado sandwich 
Dinner - Grilled pineapple chicken, quinoa and broccoli 

Snacks - Trail mix, yogurt, fruit 

Water goal : 55 ounces 

Tip : 
Don't be afraid to snack. 

Set up a few healthy snacks, for each day. Healthy snacks will increase metabolism, and help you to avoid overeating at meals.

SMI 30 Day Challenge Days 15-24

Days 15-23 (During our Staycation) 

I did really well. I stuck to my menu. I did have some fair food, but I didn't overdo it. 

I worked out, everyday. 

I hit all my water goals. 

I took all my vitamins. 

As of today, I have lost 7 pounds. I had gained 5 pounds during the summer, so I have lost those plus two more. 

DAY 24 (Today) 

Breakfast - Cheerios 
Lunch - Big salad with shrimp 
Dinner - Pork chops, applesauce, pasta and veggies

Water goal - 55 ounces 

Never ever skip meals. 

You aren't doing yourself favors. I actually noticed my weight drop, when I started eating every meal. It keeps your metabolism up, and helps to prevent overeating.

I worked out 5 days a week (always 30-45 minutes of cardio and focused on abs, legs, rump and arms)

We also went on nightly walks...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scheduling Homework...

homework red 1

Back to school time, is right around the corner, and keeping our children on track, is a big priority. We want to make sure they have enough time to do homework, do it well, but still have some down time after school...

Here are a few tips to make that happen...

Set a specific time for homework. Make it VERY clear to your child that it will be done at the same time each day. With older children, talk it over with them and come up with a time together. If you give them a chance to be part of the decision, they are more likely to go along.

Pick a quiet place.
Make sure they have a spot to study, do homework, and work on their projects.

Stay involved.
You can request the outline of the class from the teacher. Ask for deadlines, big tests, and homework. Most teachers are happy to supply this information. this helps you to be aware of any upcoming projects so they aren't left until the last minute. Also...Many schools will let you "Borrow" a book for the class, if your child is having a hard time. this will help you to prepare, to help.

No matter what...stay calm. If you get frustrated, start yelling, or "freaking out", you basically just muted yourself. Your child won't hear a word you have to say. Typically if a child is acting frustrated while doing his/her homework, they are having difficulties, and just need someone to calmly walk them through it.

If needed, Put "Homework Time" on the Chore chart, or To Do list. After a few weeks, it will start to be a habit.

What if they don't have homework? Even if they don't have homework, have them sit down and study for an upcoming test, get started on an upcoming project, or even just read.

Grilled Garlic Corn on the Cob...

We love summer partially because we can eat this.

File:Cooked Food Maize Corn 1.jpgWhat you need:
4-6 ears of corn
4-6 cloves of garlic, finely minced
1/2 cup butter
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt
dash of pepper

In a bowl, mix together butter, garlic, garlic salt and pepper. With a butter knife, spread the mixture on each ear. Wrap in tin foil. Add to the grill and let cook for 15-20 minutes. Flip about half-way through. Remove from grill and allow 3-5 minutes before unwrapping. this keeps it juicy and crisp.