Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Pops

What you need:
1 batch of Rice Crispy Treats
Popsicle sticks

When the treats are set, cut then into squares, and remove from pan. Insert a Popsicle stick in the bottom, the way you would an actual Popsicle. Frost, and cover with sprinkles and place on a sheet of wax paper. I recommend placing them in the refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving. These are really cute and make great Easter treats. I've used cellophane and ribbon and wrapped them up for baskets.

How much water should I drink??

File:Strawberry splash.jpg

Have you ever wondered how much water you should drink, per day. 

Here's the simple way to figure it out:

Divide your weight in half. That's the number of ounces you should drink. 

120 divided by 2= 60 

Daily water intake should be 60 ounces.

PS: Have a hard time choking down all that H2O? Try slicing some fruit and tossing it in your water. It gives it a little flavor without all the calories or additives.

Make fancy ice cubes...

File:Pitcher and glass of iced tea - Evan Swigart.jpg

I hate watered down drinks. In the summer, I make iced tea ice cubes. 

In an ice cubes tray, place a slice of lemon. Top with iced tea and freeze. Add a couple of these to your iced tea, to keep it cold and avoid that watered down drink. 

You can also do this with other drinks. I have put berry slices in an ice cube tray, and topped with juice. I have also used cherries, which looks adorable. They are beautiful!

For grown up drinks, you can place an edible flower, a sprig of mint, a lemon, anything really, in the tray and top with water, freeze and use in mixed drinks. 

Making your towels soft again...

Want to make those old towels soft again? 
Or how about get rid of the chemicals in new towels? 
OR, get rid of that slightly funky smell that towels tend to get? 

towel on rack red

I've been doing this for years, and it's made my towels soft, absorbent and totally odor free... 

I recommend using warm water cycles for this. 

In your wash machine, add one cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda. Run a normal cycle. When the cycle is finished, run a cycle of just water. Dry as usual. Your towels will be soft, absorbent and odor free.


Chemical free toilet cleaners:

Are you looking for a chemical free toilet cleaner? Check out these ideas!
toilet bowl

1.) An effervescent denture cleaning tablet. -Before bed, drop a tablet in the toilet. Let it sit overnight for best results. The next morning, swish the toilet brush around, and viola! Clean toilet. 

2.) A can of COKE. -simply dump a can of COKE in the toilet before bed. Again, let this sit overnight for best results. The next morning, give a light scrub with the toilet brush. This works great on mineral deposits. 

3.) Lemon juice and baking soda. -Again, best results if left overnight. Add one cup of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. This is great on stains.