Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

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Want to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh? Try these tips...

Quick tip... 

Want to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh? Try these tips... 

Baking soda:

Open a box of baking soda and place it in the bake of your fridge. It will absorb odors. Replace every three months, but to get the most out of the box, one a month, use a spoon other butter knife to mix up the baking soda in the box. 

Citrus peels:

Usr the peeling of oranges, lemon and grapefruit. Place them in a bowl in your fridge. Replace once a week.

Coffee grounds:

Let those coffee grounds do a little multitasking. After you have enjoyed your potential of coffee, dump those used grounds into a bowl, and place in your fridge. This works great for tough odors like onions. I use an old butter container with large holes in the lid.
Replace every other week.

Teenage girl gift (Great Easter Idea)

Teenage girl gift
Are you drawing a blank when it comes to a gift for that teenaged girl in your life?

Here is a great little gift, that has been a hit with every teenage girl I've ever given it to....

Find a cute make-up bag, and fill it with fun age appropriate cosmetics.

Here are some examples:
Nail files
Nail polish
Make-up brushes
Lip gloss
Pore strips
Body Spray
Eye Shadows
Facial products
A travel hair brush

**For an even more special gift, buy a cute purse, and wallet to go with this. My grandmother did something like this for me, and it was one of the most special gifts I had ever gotten. She set up the wallet, filled the make up bag, added a few extras to the purse....I plan on doing this for my girls, in a few years.**

Any teenager will be thrilled with this gift...:)

Easter Ideas for a teenaged boy...

I'm going to list a few ideas that will fit just about every type of boy...:)

#1: Shaving kit...
Even if he's not really growing a lot of facial hair, every teenaged boy gets a little excited about the prospect of shaving. It makes them feel grown up.

Here's what I do:
I find a little bin to hold everything. Something he can proudly display on the bathroom counter, or easily tote back and forth to his room.

These are some filler options:
A good razor with refills, Disposable razors or if you find a great deal, an electric razor
Shaving cream
Some of that soothing lotion (Gillette makes a great one)
Maybe some aloe (You could explain to him that aloe is the best hair gel you could use...better for your hair, and a super hold)
chap stick

#2 The Wallet...

If your teenager is ready for a wallet, go out and find one for him. Put a few bucks in it, maybe even a prepaid debit card. Make a little card with emergency numbers and stick it in there. If they do not have a cell phone, stick an "Emergency" phone card in there.

#3 The Tool Box...

If you have a teenaged boy that enjoys fixing things, why not put together a tool box for him? Get a cheap tool box, and head to the $ Store. Fill it with screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring tape, a level, a hammer, electrical tape, zipties...and anything else you can think of. This is great for two reasons...1. It gives him his own set that he can use anytime and 2. It keeps him out of Dad's tools....:)

#4) Do you have a teenager that just got his own car? Put together a car kit for him.

In a bin, add a few of the following:
Window cleaner
Upholstery wipes
a bucket
A scrub brush
Tire Shine
Air Fresheners
An Emergency kit (a box with snacks, a blanket, extra clothes, cash, water...etc)
Jumper Cables
Windshield washer fluid

You could go all out on this...

#5) Is your teenager creative (Loves writing or art)? Here are some ideas for that, too...

If he loves to write, grab him a really nice journal (Not a diary), and a nice pen. This gives him a place to keep all of his writings.

If he's pick on art, Grab a cheap easel (You can get them for $5 at craft stores), some canvas and maybe a really nice set of brushes.

#6) If your son is sporty...
Go down and grab one of those Mesh laundry bags and fill it with baseballs, bats basketsballs...Or fins a new Lawn Game that he can play with his friends. Those games are addictive to

You could also find tickets to an upcoming sporting event, and find a way to present them that's exciting and fun.

For example, if you grabbed baseball tickets, you could stick them in the sports section of the news paper, and ask him to find a score that's on that page. He opens the paper and they fall in his lap (Trust me...this is a huge hit!!)

If it's basketball, you can stick them in an envelope, and having them hanging from your basketball hoop. Ask him to play a game of 21 or Horse with you. Once you get out there...Ask him what the heck is hanging from your hoop. He pulls it down, and you have a happy boy!